Mammut Projects

Welcome to the Mammut PHP Framework page. This page is the home of two projects, the Mammut Framework, which should be useable independently for every other project, and the Mammut CMS, which is based on the framework.

The framework contains many abstraction and utility classes for many common tasks, like an advanced database abstraction layer (MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, DB2) or authentication service classes (ADS, NDS, LDAP) for easy usage of different services.

Based on this, the Mammut CMS (MCMS) is a fully modular OO web application system, on which almost every aspect of the system can be replaced or extended to match the needs of the project. Some features are multi-site-support (create multiple websites with a single installation), support for multiple languages per site and the ability to use ADS or NDS directory services for user management.

Developed to work on non-standard platforms and tasks, the system is not designed for beginners, but for professionals who need a more flexible solution than the common CMS systems and frameworks.
Some examples:

Commercial support is avaible by SD-PCService

A note on this page: Because of the fact that we like to use our time for development, this page just a quick-n-dirty hack until someone wants to create a full featured project page :-).